Core Components


1. High Expectations

We believe that all students can be successful and can achieve their own personal goals.  We desire for all of our students to be successful in college and in life as our curriculum provides the elements to meet and be challenged through advanced and college preparatory courses as well to enhance their own learning capabilities through standards of higher achieving levels. We believe all students should be prepared, organized, consistent, and actively involved in their education and socially and emotionally responsible.

2. Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

Our rigorous and relevant curriculum is cognitively demanding and challenging to our students as they apply the essential concepts and skills to real world, complex and open ended situations.

Our curriculum requires students to do authentic work, using methods that are specific to the discipline and applying what they know or what they are learning to solve complex problems. It involves the use of prior knowledge, the development of in depth understanding, and the ability to develop and express ideas and findings through elaborated communication.

Our students will access the common core aligned curriculum for all core classes on-line at their own individual pace.  Specific course design will help interested students be prepared for challenging careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). All students will have a wide array of classes to choose from as well as being well rounded with participation in enrichment classes and extra-curricular activities.

3. Innovative Learning Experiences

Our students will utilize individual exemplary computers with research-based effective on-line learning software accessing the most updated on-line curriculum. Students will have comprehensive instruction with on-going immediate feedback and evaluation. Students will engage in collaborative group work with the freedom of personal choice of environment and flexibility of scheduling. 

Students will acquire 21st century skills sets in the leading trends of technology and innovative learning and presentation styles. We want to equip our students with a lifetime of learning, change, and collaboration. Success will be identified as knowing how to access information, acquire knowledge, and apply it to solve problems.  Doing so requires resourcefulness, flexibility, and ability to see things in new ways. Educated citizens of the 21st century understand that life is interconnected and interdependent, and will see themselves as lifelong learners in order to be active and responsible members of a diverse global community.

4. Instructional Leadership

Our school leader will be an instructional leader responsible for ensuring a quality education and a quality learning environment. We will recruit, train, and maintain highly qualified teachers with expertise in specific content areas and be a community comprised of leaders that are data driven. Teachers will participate in on-going professional development and will integrate current methodologies and applications of best practices.

5.  A Glasser Quality School

Atkinson Academy is a program that is based on the principles of the Quality School as defined by Dr. William Glasser, Reality Therapy and Choice Theory (RT/CT). There are five criteria that have to be met that will be evaluated on four different levels of either aspiring, emerging, competent, and distinguished of the Quality School Model to meet this recognition. Our structure, methods, and therapeutic environment empower our students to be lifelong learners and responsible and engaging citizens. We want our students to believe and have a value that education will add quality to their life. 

6. Supportive School Community

Students and teachers are taught choice theory to reach a common ground in establishing a supportive, caring environment and in building healthy relationships that contribute to school success.  The school team will embody positivity, quality, support, and encouragement and create an environment between students of respect, kindness, and value of contribution. We will provide ethical client-centered, strength-based, behavioral and mental health outpatient services, anger management, and substance abuse counseling services through individual, family, and group settings to all of our students and their families if requested.

Upcoming Events

"September is Healthy Habits Awareness Month at Atkinson Academy"

"August 14th"

"August 7th-August 11th"

"Red Ribbon Week at Atkinson Academy"

"Halloween - Tuesday, October 31st!"

"B Street Theater May 2nd!"

"High School Graduation and 8th Grade Promotion May 30th at 10am"

"Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7th- May 11th!"

"CAASPP Testing May 7th - May 11th"

"Student Appreciation Day - May 24th!"

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